Sunday, December 28, 2008

Adopting a friend

Dog adoptions are $95
Cat adoptions are $55

All applicants must fill out a pre-adoption form that will be looked over by the adoption committee who will verify references and approve the adoption (we reserve the right to deny any application).

Home visits are required and are performed by trained shelter volunteers or an Animal Control Officer.

No animal is eligible for adoption until it is spayed or neutered by the shelter but applications will be accepted.

Please Note: Potential adoptors should realize that there are a lot of bully breed mixes out there. These breeds, while they do have their quirks, also have a bad rap. It is a well-known fact that well-managed, responsibly owned pit bulls are some of the best family dogs. The American Temperament Test Society lists this breed as one of the most stable temperaments of any of the purebreds, right up there with golden retrievers. The American Pit Bull Terrier especially likes to lick children's faces and wag their tail. They often tolerate the rough-and-tumble play of children and are easily trained due to their eagerness to please. Visit to find out more about the breed.